II Ruta tractores clásicos Ribeira Sacra. Castro Caldelas – Os Peares


Author: Fundación Jorge Jove | Publishes: Fundación Jorge Jove y Fundación do Campo Galego| Year: 2018

Collaborates: AGAMAC | Language: Galician


On the 16th and 17th AGAMAC, the Galician Association of Friends of Classical Agricultural Machinery, carried out the route that gives the title to this publication. It includes what happened on this route through the Ribera Sacra in Orense, its vineyards and its Romanesque style.

In addition to showing the heritage that our agricultural machinery represents, we show the artistic and cultural heritage of this route, as well as the ecological, landscape and intangible.

The purpose of this type of publication is to value the Galician rural environment and its heritage.