Jorge Jove Foundation

Jorge Jove Foundation

Ángel Jove Capellán, Founding Trustee of the Jorge Jove Foundation, became involved with the motoring world since his teenage days through the motorcycles, both in the motor-racing world and in the test driver one.

During his whole life, his fondness in the car world was on the rise, and it came into being in two stages. The first one, enjoying driving all kinds of novel cars put on sale, although from the very beginning, he opted for the Mercedes brand. The second one, when he began introducing in the classic car world, with the purchase of a Seat 1500. This fact, more than four decades ago, meant the beginning of the historic vehicles collection. After this first acquisition, more pieces were incorporated and the process of restoration of several cars that he obtained began. Then, it is decided to equip the garage with the human and technical resources that can support his project.

From the beginning, his sons, my bother Jorge and I threw ourselves into the restoration of those vehicles he was buying. Jorge became passionate about the process of restauration of all kinds of gadgets related to history and its evolution. Moreover, I felt attracted to the thrilling heritage that means automotive in general and classic vehicles in particular, with its historic, cultural, social, technological and economic connotations. Therefore, what began as my father’s personal idea had quickly and enthusiastically, the support of his sons. Unfortunately, my brother passed away in August 1998, when the collection began to define its lines of growth and museum criteria.

About a year after the Jorge’s sudden death, on August 17, 1999, in the Círculo de Dirigentes magazine, my father stated publicly and for the first time his intention of creating a Foundation or Museum named after Jorge Jorge. From that time, the Jorge Jove Foundation started working true to its objectives, although legally it was set up two years later.

From that moment, my bond was total, firstly because the great satisfaction and proud after knowing my father’s will to create a foundation named after my brother, and secondly, to help my father with another goal: the creation of The Automotive and History Museum.

Ángel Jove González
Jorge Jove Foundation