One of the objectives of the Jorge Jove Foundation is the cultural dissemination of our heritage and history, in general, and the heritage that means automotive and its history in particular. For this purpose, publication editions are made from the Jorge Jove Foundation, both own and other authors.

The two recognitions to these works developed by the Foundation are worth highlighting at this point:

  • FEVA AWARDS, Federación Española de Vehículos Antiguos, for the work edited and conducted by the Foundation with the collaboration of Xunta de Galicia “GUÍA PARA USO DEL JURADO”. Contests of elegance, authenticity and preservation of historic vehicles. Awarded in Madrid 2013.
  • Recognition The Society of Automotive Historians NICOLAS JOSEPH CUGNOT AWARD, for the publication conducted by Manuel Lage and edited by the Foundation with the collaboration of IVECO. Awarded in París 2016.

These publications have been divided into three sections:

Automotive and History Collection

Galician, Heritage and Automotive Colletion

Other publications