GUÍA PARA EL USO DEL JURADO, Concursos de elegancia, autenticidad y conservación de vehículos históricos


Author: Fundación Jorge Jove | Illustrator: Carlos Taboada | Publishes: Fundación Jorge Jove | Year: 2009

Collaborates: Xunta de Galicia | Language: Spanish and Galician


This publication compiles information from different guides of this typology of events in order to try to minimize, as far as possible, the subjectivity when the participants are evaluated.

Its distribution was carried out in different European countries, in South America and to all the affiliates of the Spanish Federation of Antique Vehicles, in collaboration with FEVA.

This work was awarded a national recognition by FEVA, which on behalf of the Foundation, was presented to Elba Iglesias Jove in a ceremony held in Madrid in 2010.